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Kurtis Mantronik

Kurtis Mantronik

A musical innovator, Kurtis Mantronik is a groundbreaking, hugely influential hip hop, dance, R&B and pop producer who continues to release, remix and produce records almost thirty years later. He is the original ‘King of the Beat’.

An inspiration to many music producers, his music is still played globally and his work features in global video games (Grand Theft Auto), TV adverts (William Hill) and movie soundtracks (Blade).

Jamaican born, New York raised, Kurtis first came to international attention age 18, one of the original hip hop innovators, predecessor of the whole New Jack Swing explosion and influence on all genres from drum & bass to big beat and beyond. Whether playing Wembley, or featuring on the cover of the NME, to writing and producing for Kylie, Kurtis’ music will continue to inform and influence.

When recorded hip-hop was in its infancy, one man was responsible for really pushing the sonic envelope.

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