Wrong Planet Music


23 year old Alejo Gonzales aka Invader! is a rising star on the EDM scene, with releases on Ultra, Heavy Artillery and Royal One.

Interested in music from an early age, Alejo originally started playing bass before moving onto electric guitar and drums. Around the age of 18 after playing in numerous bands, Alejo started a solo project called Pulsemetric, which was used mainly for his remix work.

As the sound of dubstep started to influence Alejo’s production, he felt he needed to create a new alias in order for him to promote his new sound, and so Invader! was born.

The Invader! sound usually consists of hard hitting drums, monster synths and bass with the power to melt your brain, but this time, under the same alias, Alejo has treated us to a much lighter nu disco sound, the one that everybody is currently going crazy for, namely Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’. Like us, we think you’re gonna love it!

One of the best emerging talents on the EDM scene, this guy makes some serious dance music!

Mike Swaine, Bass & Breaks